Shaping your brand story into an impactful interior experience

Konrad, the one bold enough to share the knowledge.

Fraay, the one who believes in the beauty of attraction.

While shaping your interior spaces, we make it our mission to combine

Creativity & Rationality

Aesthetics & Pragmatism

Dream & Reality

We create interior experiences that work and push companies forward.

Konrad & Fraay revolves around the power of extremes, rooted in our different professional backgrounds as interior designer and lawyer.

We are determined to combine the best of both worlds.

Konrad acts as the perfect ally to ensure the design process is backed by a pragmatic and rational approach. No room for vague promises, hidden costs or unrealistic timings.  Steady as a rock, Konrad is a loyal and trustworthy partner always striving for open and honest communication.

Fraay strongly believes in the power of shapes, colors and materials and is convinced that all human beings are guided by the interplay of those elements. By translating the identity and authenticity of your brand into a powerful interior concept, Fraay is determined not to design just an interior, but an emotion, a total experience.

Area of expertise


Practice areas

Retail &

Each project scope can be determined in function of the project’s individual needs and expectations. Our services range from a concept-only approach to a smooth A to Z track.

Research & Strategic Consultancy



Each project starts with a solid briefing and thorough analysis to determine the purpose of the assignment. Next steps depend on the project needs but may include in-depth research on the project’s positioning and its interplay with target groups, competitors and trends as well as strategic exercises to align products and services with the envisaged storytelling. We also act as a single point of contact to translate your company story into a strong overall visual identity (such as logos, business cards, websites or any other element to convincingly market a brand).

  • Briefing & purpose
  • In-depth analysis
  • Spatial design

Concept, Design & Visualisation



After having determined the optimal spatial organization, we establish an inspiring storyline and corresponding mood board to visualize how the project will stand out of the crowd. The central thread or conceptual foundation will be set for all subsequent design decisions while the design comes to life through volume studies, sketching, color schemes, material boards and ultimately elaborate 3D rendering.

  • Moods & Storytelling
  • Concept Development
  • Design &Visualisation
  • Visual identity

Build & Project Management



We back our design by a realistic budget estimation, detailed technical drawings and an in-depth bill of quantities. Once the right contractors have been selected, we are available to fine-tune design choices in view of budget control, without losing sight of aesthetic quality of the project. During the building phase, we supervise the construction site in order to verify whether execution is in line with signed plans and desired result, including quality control.

  • Estimate & Budget
  • Detailed plans & Selection of contractors
  • Value engineering
  • Project management & Supervision